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There were significant differences between trough and peak responses of CT, CFT, alpha angle, and A5 results for 15 and 20 mg of rivaroxaban OD.
Panel A: Lateral view of the right hip showing increased alpha angle (yellow lines with normal being less than 50[degrees]).
Type Ia and Ib Graf classifications mean mature hips, with alpha angle higher than 60[degrees] (type I).
(5) The alpha angle is used quantitatively to evaluate the degree of femoral head deformity for cam-type FAI, while evaluation of acetabulum morphology allows for the determination of pincer-type FAI (Figure 1).
Blue Circle / Donut with no other segments indicates Optimum Alpha Angle (AOA).
Therefore, if the TEG r time is prolonged, or the alpha angle or maximal amplitude are reduced, then hypocoagulability should be assumed unless proved otherwise.