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Kamiya, "Operant control of the EEG alpha rhythm and some of its reported effects on consciousness," in Altered States of Consciousness, pp.
These coherent local groups are presumed to be the generators of the alpha rhythm recorded at the scalp.
Costello & McGregor (1957) concluded that the amount of suppression of the alpha rhythm was a result of firstly, the vividness of the image, and secondly, the extent to which higher order thought processes were involved.
Electroencephalograms on January 15 and 18 demonstrated diffuse slowing and alpha rhythm consistent with encephalopathy.
Washington, October 25 ( ANI ): Researchers in Canada have found that training of the well-known brainwave in humans, the alpha rhythm, enhances a brain network responsible for cognitive-control.
This is expressed in the generalization of alpha rhythm or the shift of its focus to central-frontal areas, the intensification of theta activity which may acquire a generalized nature.
Alpha Rhythm had a fall last time over fences, so we're hoping to get his confidence back.
But preference is for Noel Meade's Laurel View, a fast-finishing third to his less-fancied stable-companion Alpha Rhythm at Naas last Wednesday.
The team from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Division of Sleep Medicine used EEG to detect subtle fluctuations in the alpha rhythm during sleep.
The researchers measured electrical rhythms from the brains of volunteers, especially the alpha rhythm.
Noel Meade, trainer of Billy Bonnie, Alpha Rhythm and Patton