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According to the frequency range, the EEG waves are categorized into five major EEG rhythms such as delta waves (0-4 Hz), theta waves (4-8 Hz), alpha waves (8-13 Hz), beta waves (13-30 Hz), and gamma waves (30-50 Hz).
Caffeine has consistently been shown to decrease EEG alpha waves (8 to 13 Hz) that appear during relaxation (Dimpfel et al.
Alpha waves (8-12 cps) represent the brain idling and ready for action.
Alpha waves are common during physical and mental relaxation, or during fantasising, daydreaming and visualisation.
Sequential Alpha Wave Appearance in Nurse and Patient
For a long time, people thought alpha waves represented the brain idling," Frohlich said.
Those in the theta range foster deep meditation and REM sleep, and frequencies in the alpha wave range encourage relaxation.
Must people can control one type of brain wave -- the alpha wave -- simply by closing their eyes.
That should be reflected in a drop in alpha wave activity in the visual area, Mazaheri said.
In the left temporal region, high amplitude alpha waves replaced beta rhythm in one participant, this is consistent with studies done in the past.
Psychic experiences can sometimes take part in the alpha waves.