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The Planning Division had provided an alphabetized list of warrants divided into precincts.
The fiction books are accurately alphabetized and nonfiction books arranged according to subject matters.
Click on the link for parks then look for the alphabetized listing of parks.
The author has provided an alphabetized list of illustrations at the end.
Nearly 90% of the papers published in major economics journals such as the Journal of Political Economy (JPE), American Economic Review (AER), and the Quarterly Journal of Economics (QJE) use alphabetized listings (Engers et al.
To decipher technical jargon, visitors can click on Acronyms at the top of the homepage to check the alphabetized list of about 125 terms commonly used by environmental health professionals.
alphabetized backwards" produced a memorable sequence that reads in part "KEPT.
I am not a big fan of how Word handles lists--whether they're numbered, alphabetized or marked with bullets, Too often, Word assumes what I want, and more frequently than not, it assumes wrung and I have to delete the entire list and start from scratch.
Key features of this edition include: new entries on subjects such as counselling ethics, pastoral counselling and stigma; many existing entries have been substantially rewritten; alphabetized listing makes entries easy to find; and broad range of terms and reference sources.
Noah Webster made dictionaries popular in the early 1800s using the format of nearly every dictionary before or since: A-Z alphabetized entries of words, followed by words defining them.
The chapter on printing begins with an alphabetized double-page spread of printable objects.
Information sources, including fee-based agencies, are alphabetized and explained.