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The vendor search enables guide users to conveniently perform targeted searches for industry-related products and services using either a user-defined keyword search, or an alphabetized category and sub-category directory search.
D is for Dahl: A gloriumptious A-Z guide to the world of Roald Dahl," by Roald Dahl and Wendy Cooling, is not a kindergartner's A-B-C book but a quirky alphabetized biography.
Finally, Falchetta has also made this book easily accessible as a reference work for a larger scholarly audience by finishing it with an alphabetized index listing all of the place names.
The promotions, alphabetized by city, are as follows:
The site also provides an alphabetized database of creative, healthy recipes.
My brand new address book with everything neatly penned and perfectly alphabetized will not stay that way.
When Timmy shows what he has been learning that first day in school by giving alphabetized treats to the animals (A is for apple; B is for biscuit; C is for corn, D is for dandelions) they are happy for Timmy--and themselves
Reading Alphomes" is the above title in alphomes: the letters of each word are alphabetized.
North presents over 4,000 alphabetized personal entries and 800 photos, listing information such as nationality, important dates, and the occupations of colonial officials, explorers, merchants, settlers, soldiers, and missionaries.
This exhaustive text, with more than 11,500 entries, is at first read simply an alphabetized collection of names of organisms and terms associated with the science of parasitology.