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of Washington-Seattle) follows English custom in alphabetizing the entries, and in considering Finland and Iceland to be part of Scandinavia.
We're still using the Greeks' way of alphabetizing, so in the 80-nation romp with some 2,500 athletes, the U.
In addition, spoken hints help new readers with tough concepts like alphabetizing.
Tony Shalhoub has not reacted publicly to news of a cast change on his series, but his alter ego, Adrian Monk, probably would be quietly combing a rug fringe or alphabetizing his spice rack.
Plate Patrol" Alphabetizing skills are required here to maneuver through a maze while deciding whether aliens that appear are friends or foes.
Unfortunately, the alphabetizing is a little eccentric.
It does most of the work for the student -- alphabetizing, organizing the information in each entry and adding the correct punctuation.