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I'm not annoyed that the BBC have chosen that track to promote that show, but it can get tiring when all anyone wants to hear is Alright, have they not heard anything we've put out since 1995?
Ashley Tisdale, the singer and actress known to millions as the star of the blockbuster High School Musical series, will release a brand-new single, "It's Alright, It's OK," to Top 40 radio and all digital retailers on April 14th.
Edmonds, president and CEO of Alright TV, will showcase new programming slated for YouTube's family oriented and faith-friendly digital channel, Alright TV, during MegaFest(TM) at 3:30 p.
Tonight: All New It'll Be Alright on the Night, ITV1, 9pm
I didn't know what happened but Paul's alright now so I quite happy with that.
TOM ANNETT Age: 16 Ambition: to be an electrician Interests: playing football Home: lives in Finham, Coventry, with mum and older sister Verdict: It's alright depending on where you are going to drink it.
By Friday repeat tests showed it had been a false reading and I was alright.
Alright, let me tell you, we lived in a hippy compound up there in the hills of Santa Cruz.
His World Cup song, That's England Alright, will be sung to the original tune of Auf Wierdersehen Pet's theme song That's Living, Alright.
Despite his connections Alright Now M'Lad was sent off at 33-1 when winning a novice hurdle over two miles here last month.
The Bitch Is Back and Saturday Night's Alright were awesome - rock 'n' roll from the glam era at its best.
Supporting our troops because they're already committed says it's alright for them to continue killing, incarcerating and torturing--and becoming part of a UN blue-helmeted force.