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Father Meme symbolizes both the element of death and the hopelessness of the altar boys a hopelessness doomed to continue as long as he is alive.
Since I was enrolled at a small Roman Catholic elementary school with all nuns as teachers, we were constantly being exhorted by these nuns to "join the ranks" of altar boys as a certain path to salvation.
In 2005, the diocese paid out pounds 700,000 in compensation to another former altar boy, known as Mr A, now aged 37, who had been abused by Fr Clonan.
Mr Staley, who celebrated his birthday on Sunday, has clocked up 82 years as an altar boy.
In 2001 another man made a complaint of sexual abuse committed by Father Clonan when he was a young altar boy.
Some even thought (contrary to Berulle) that any act at all accomplished by a priest--trimming trees, fixing a watch, indeed even scolding an altar boy (and we might ask in the present crisis, what have many altar boys not been required to submit to?
Pratt becomes a euphemism for every man, as the author shows his rise from altar boy to the Panthers' Deputy Minister of Defense, and from the leader of the infamous LA chapter, to California's most feared prisoner.
But last Saturday a pistol was brandished in my face - by a former altar boy.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Another former altar boy came forward June 14 as the fourth alleged sexual abuse victim of Archbishop Anthony S.
Peter's Altar Boy picnic on the steps of the Cathedral.
All three victims, Fr McCafferty, former altar boy James Doherty and another former altar boy who cannot be identified, testified to being subjected to numerous bouts of sickening abuse by the priest whom they described as "domineering and controlling".
DEVOTED mum Angela Mulhall went into labour at Christmas Eve mass, but refused to leave the church - because it was her son's first time as an altar boy.