alter the position

See: move
References in classic literature ?
In reality, however, all these movements forward and backward did not improve or alter the position of the troops.
There was an effect of drollery in her behaviour to these subjects of her zeal, whom she seemed to regard as a care, but not as an interest; it was as if they had been entrusted to her honour and she had engaged to convey them safe to a certain point; she was detached and inadvertent, and then suddenly remembered, repented and came back to tuck them into their blankets, to alter the position of her mother's umbrella, to tell them something about the run of the ship.
The Fact Sheet is in furtherance of the false narrative of Indian intrusion into Chinese territory that has been projected in the Chinese media in a bid to divert public attention away from the real issue, which is, China's attempt to unilaterally alter the position on the ground in the India-Bhutan-China tri-junction area, in brazen violation of accords reached with it by India and Bhutan (separately) not to change the status quo in areas of dispute pending a final agreement to the mutual satisfaction of both parties," said former Ambassador Saurabh Kumar.
By the way, it is often impossible to alter the position of some European scopes.
We do not see how Jebali can reverse the tide and alter the position of his party and its allies", the newspaper said.
Photons from the sun strike this reflective surface and alter the position of the asteroid.
He requested the natives of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa to persuade the ANP management to alter the position for the same.
This, however, will not alter the position of AMA, which has kept interest rates at the same level since its last ut in June.
This, however, will not alter the position of Sama (central bank), which has kept interest rates at the same level since its last cut in June," the report said.
We have advised Mr Carragher that these instances will be investigated, but it does not alter the position that the signs on the club are considered to be unacceptable.
In any event, finding a reason doesn't change what happened or alter the position you find yourself in now.
Although, in addition, Iberdrola plans to move into electricity provision in the UK through wind farm development, this would not alter the position in Scotland or the UK as a whole.