altered for the worse

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Now, however, when you are nothing but one of the workmen in my manufactory of money, your social position is seriously altered for the worse; and, as I could not possibly think of you for a son-in-law, I have considered it best to prevent all chance of your communicating with Alicia again, by sending her away from this house while you are in it.
She was certainly not in any respect altered for the worse since I had seen her last.
The man's appearance amply bore out his words; his manner was altered for the worse; and except for the moment when he had first announced his terror, he had not once looked the lawyer in the face.
Since the previous evening the weather had altered for the worse. The rain, which had set in from an early hour that morning, still fell.
"This is the benevolent gentleman who looked like the refuge of the afflicted when I saw him last.--You have altered for the worse since then, sir.
At least in the Catholic church, the life of the community would be forever altered for the worse if priests and bishops, acting in public and formal capacity, had the green light to endorse or oppose individual candidates.
Brian Sussman is the author of an earlier book entitled Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam, which unmasks the fraudulent nature of claims that the Earth's climate is being substantially altered for the worse by human activities, principally the burning of fossil fuels by industrial plants and automobiles.
Peter Wade, a specialist in medical law, said: "Mr Neale's life has been altered for the worse forever as a result of medical oversights.