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Presuming we'll need to file an alternate due to the weather forecast, hang on to that Duat session for a bit longer: Our next task is using available weather information to ensure our chosen alternate airport is a legal alternate.
While you can't rely on WAAS vertical guidance when choosing an approach and airport for alternate planning, that all becomes irrelevant once you depart.
This Alternate Path license enables Delta Screens to produce and deploy Alternate Path technology for ExxonMobil affiliates and ventures around the world.
The literature shows that successful libraries are working together to address the obstacles by encouraging interorganizational collaboration, planning for diverse alternate formats, developing standards, encouraging accessible online services, providing access to adaptive technology, and, perhaps most importantly, developing training strategies.
Early writers on alternate assessment posited that it would include students with disabilities in state and local reform programs, improve opinions about people with disabilities in general, improve access to the general education curriculum for students with disabilities, and improve instruction in special education programs.
Of the nearly 106,000 subjects from whom data was collected, those following the alternate food guide pyramid enjoyed significant reductions in cardiovascular disease risk--in women, by 28% (compared to 14% with the USDA guidelines-based diet), and in men by 39% (compared to 28%).
Her alternate, Pavlenko, was inconsistently brilliant.
What if the estate could file the federal estate tax return (the "return") using the date-of-death values and, at the same time, elect to use the alternate valuation only if it becomes available to the estate?
Hence, it's not surprising that alternate media programs are enjoying something of a resurgence in mainstream direct marketing.
Alternate light source includes ultraviolet (UV) light
If an active disk object becomes unavailable due to a path failure, APS automatically switches to the Secondary Disk Object that represents an alternate data path through the SAN to the LUN in the storage array (Fig 4).
2032(a) alternate valuation date must occur within one year of the due date (including extensions) of the Federal estate tax return.