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ALTERNATIVE. The one or the other of two things. In contracts a party has frequently the choice to perform one of several things, as, if he is bound to pay one hundred dollars, or to deliver a horse, he has the alternative. Vide Election; Obligation; Alternative.

LEGACY, ALTERNATIVE. One where the testator gives one of two things to the legatee without designating which of them; as, one of my two horses. Vide Election.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Regarding simvastatin, in few studies, simvastatin, with or without fenofibrate, was administered in alternate days at dose of 10-80 mg in dyslipidaemia patients.
The music of 'Alternate Paths' presents music in every genre, from light sounds to dark sounds.
As part of the agreement, Alternate Health will also acquire Bionic Bee, California's premiere flavoured cannabis extract manufacturer.
The Chrome Alternate Collection consists of all 32 NFL team helmets in recognizable, but eye-catching designs.
Traffic from Bari Imam to Radio Pakistan would also be closed, alternate for traffic would be third road.
'Maximum number of continuous hours ng mga drivers ay six hours lamang, kung in-excess of six hours ang trip, kailangan may alternate driver na po, at yung alternate driver ay hindi po yung conductor,' Lizada said.
Malik Tahir Javaid said it is encouraging to know that in Pakistan, some serious efforts are being made to create awareness about alternate dispute resolution.
Briefing myself for the approach (which I do aloud whether or not I have an instructor on board), I voiced an important consideration in this unusual situation: Although the standard missed approach procedure is included in the GPS database, and available to provide navigation guidance to me (or the autopilot) at the touch of the SUSPEND button after beginning my climbout, the alternate missed approach procedure is not in the GPS database.
So you again file direct, toss in a nearby Class B or C as an alternate, and calculate your fuel requirements for a flight to the alternate.
Jasmine McKenna (age 9, from Coventry), Layla Grace Quaid (age 11, from Worcestershire) and Beatrice Schofield (age 10, from Birmingham) who will alternate the role of Cute Mary.
Guided by a CPA adviser, the alternate payee can elect the form in which to receive benefits, generally under either a "shared payment" or "separate interest" approach.