alternate route

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Motorists traversing Quezon City thoroughfares were advised to take alternate routes on Monday (July 22) as part of Commonwealth Avenue will be closed for President Rodrigo Duterte's fourth State of the Nation Address (SONA).
Consider alternate routes as traffic delays are expected.
DUBAI: A ban on buses through the airport tunnel, imposed less than a month ago, has increased travel times by almost 50 per cent say commuters as they are forced to deal with increased rush hour traffic on alternate routes.
He says alternate route classroom teachers often do need help learning teaching methods.
* Nearly half of those entering teaching through alternate routes say they would not have become a teacher if an alternate route to certification had not been available.
Nearly 33 percent of all certified teachers who taught for the first time this year were licensed through alternate routes, according to a report by the National Center for Education Information.
(2) Although midline mandibulotomy is considered an aggressive approach, it affords excellent surgical exposure, allows for complete tumor resection, and provides an alternate route of access in an extremely "woody" neck.
Besides providing a "turnkey" primary capacitance representation, the ECCS will also provide an alternate route for experimental determination of the fine-structure constant.
Opponents claim that the alternate route would be far less disruptive to farms and forest-land and the small-town quality of life in southwest Indiana.
They were then asked to decide whether they would remain on the main route or divert to an alternate route to reach their destination.
Premier Frank McKenna, acting on a promise not to build on Native historic sites, refused to scrap the project, but said an alternate route would be found.
Alignment from Sahjanwa to Dohrighat lies mostly in Gorakhpur district and very small area in Mau district in Uttar Pradesh.Indara-Dohrighat gauge conversion has already been sanctioned and this approval for new line for Dohrighat- Sahjanwa will complete the missing link and provide an alternate route avoiding Gorakhpur.

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