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Contract Awarded to supply eight manifolds that alternately inject water and gas to increase oil recovery
Tikrit / NINA / One civilian was killed and ten others injured on Saturday 8, Feb when a two explosive devices went off alternately in Tuz district east of Tikrit.
Alternately raw and dreamy, Exits & All the Rest pairs singer Nina Diaz's sweeping vocals to swinging Latin rock infused instrumentation by bassist and drummer (and out lesbians) Jennifer Alva and Phanie Diaz.
17 December 2010, SPA -- Commander of the Western Fleet, an affiliate of the Saudi Arabian Royal Navy Rear Admiral Khalid bin Ali Al-Hamdan today paid an inspection visit to Murjan 12 joint exercise between Saudi and Egyptian navies, ongoing in Egypt alternately with.
When he's not engaging in acts of derring-do and impossibly keen marksmanship with his bow and arrows, he's flirtatiously circling 12th-century riot grrl Marion (Lucy Griffiths), who, in one of the series' more tiresome conceits, is alternately beguiled and repelled by Robin's advances.
Alternately passionate, tender, ironic, and erotic, She Alone is a unique experience in epic poetry and enthusiastically recommended.
Set alternately in the Philippines and New Mexico from 1941 to 1945, this novel tells of the effect of WW II on the farm families of two brothers, Ross and Bayliss.
Alternately wondrous and poignant, The Rhubarb King embodies the search for parental connection.
Although eclipses frequently occur on Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus rotates tipped on its side, so the sun alternately shines on one pole or the other during the planet's 84-year orbit.
Native Guns have been making a name for themselves in the Los Angeles area and as activist speakers on college campuses nationwide with alternately scathing and sensitive meditations on the realities of urban life and issues facing poor immigrants of color.
Punctuated with singing, passages from the Book of Mormon, and caricatured voices that range from a female Mormon psychotherapist to an offensive rendition of a Japanese businessman, the play is alternately funny and sad--and at its best moments, both.
The raked angle gave the alternately playful and emotional choreography tension and weight, and the smoothly crafted partnering was made of unexpected wrappings, extensions, lifts, and descents.