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ALTERNAT. The name of a usage among diplomatists by which the rank and places of different powers, who have the same rights and pretensions to precedence, are changed from time to time, either in a certain regular order, or one determined by lot. In drawing up treaties and conventions, for example, it is the usage of certain powers to alternate, both in the preamble and the signatures, so that each power occupies, in the copy intended to be delivered to it, the first place. Wheat. Intern. Law, pt. 2, c. 3, Sec. 4..

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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She played a dreamy waltz, marking the time with the bass, while with the right hand she `tiddled' in alternate octaves.
It seemed to her that Katharine possessed a curious power of drawing near and receding, which sent alternate emotions through her far more quickly than was usual, and kept her in a condition of curious alertness.
MARLBORO - Marlboro Democrats will send 20 delegates and nine alternates to the 2008 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention June 7 at the Paul E.
The narrative alternates between Erin and Matt, sometimes with the same dialog but with each character's own intentions and motives presented.
To date, they haven't been permitted in CACFP and school lunch menus as meat alternates because of concerns that there isn't enough nutritional consistency among available brands.
Estimator 6.0 supports the use and tracking of alternates and features two new Visual Assemblies, XML file format support, as well as enhancements to several existing functions.
In addition, the Board of Trustees and all delegates and alternates must receive the Official Credentials Card at the registration desk in order to receive official ribbons and voting cards for balloting and to attend House of Delegates sessions.
These alternates have very different purification steps associated with them, and different costs.