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Contract estimated cost base bid $ 5,904,700 alternates for wwtp alternate 1: demolition of existing tanks, equipment, and sand beds $ 100,000 alternate 2: asphalt pavement $ 60,000 alternate 3: clarifier flume cover $ 35,000 alternate 4: service building laboratory wall cabinets $ 15,000 alternate 5: service building laboratory flooring $ 22,000 alternate 6: service building lockers $ 5,000 alternate 7: spare uv modules $ 14,000.
The delegates are: Ward 1, Donald Cusson, Karen Leighs and Dick Leighs; Ward 2, Tim Walsh, Danielle Gregoire and Linda Walsh; alternates: Judith Walsh and Dan Caruso; Ward 3, Joan O'Brien; Ward 4, Paul McAllister, Peter Juaire and Cheryl Juaire, alternate: Margaret Ayres; Ward 5, Robert Waldron, John DeBarios and Gerri Young, alternates: Barbara Hanley and Richard McDonough; Ward 6, Barbara Fenby, Ed Clancy and Joe Aykanian, alternates: Bob Bower and Barbara Clancy; and Ward 7, Franco Davoli, Dick Towle, Thomas Hill and Bonnie Hill, alternates Don Landers and Mary Jan Greene
He didn't get a wake-up call and he had a 6:40 time which he requested, and he was not able to make that, and we put the first (Pro-Am) alternate in there.
AIM 1-1-18(g) now permits GPS approaches to be considered for alternates by non-WAAS aircraft.
Specifically, the "602 or 802" rule for standard alternate minimums is not for one hour before to one hour after but for the estimated time of arrival.
Alternates elected in Hollywood will sit on the local board but will not be a part of the national board unless they are filling in for an absent board member.
The issuance of the three alternate decisions brings the total proposals before the commission to six (the ALJ's proposed decision and five alternates - Commissioner Kennedy did not issue an alternate decision).
Although there are other airports close by with forecasts (TAFs) as good as 400 and 2, those still aren't good enough to file as legal alternates.
Here is one way to remember the rules for IFR alternates and minimums: The first cornerstone or anchor memory aid is, literally, as simple as one-two-three.