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adjective being done, belonging to the time, concurrent, contemporaneous, contemporary, existent, existing, hic, immediate, in fashion, in style, in the fad, in vogue, instant, latest, latter day, new, occurring, of the moment, of the present, of this date, of tooays date, popular, present, present day, prevailing, recent, revised, stylish, topical, up to date, up to the minute, usitatus, widespread
Associated concepts: current account, current assets, current basis, current business expenses, current debts, current expenditures, current market value, current obligations, current operating expenses, current rate of exxhange, currently distributable
See also: common, customary, extant, familiar, instant, outflow, popular, present, prevailing, prevalent, rife, typical, usual

CURRENT, merc. law. A term used to express present time; the current month; i.e. the present month. Price current, is the ordinary price at the time spoken of. A printed paper, containing such prices, is also called a price current.
     2. Current, in another sense, signifies that which is readily received; as, current money.

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Research Overview This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Asia Pacific Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Equipment Markets provides market dynamics, trends, competitive analysis, construction type, end-user trends, and revenue forecasts.
ABB will be responsible for designing, installing and supplying three core submarine cables for transmitting high-voltage alternating current of 220 kilovolt for a total length of around 100 km.
This research service titled North American Small Alternating Current Motors Markets provides analysis of the different kinds of small AC motors, end-user analysis, as well as geographic and competitive analysis.
ABB will be responsible to supply and install three high-voltage alternating current 220 kilovolt three-core submarine cables with a length of around 100 kilometers 44 km from each of the platforms to shore and 11 km between the two platforms.
Applying an alternating current activates the system, producing light.
Process industries such as packaging, pharmaceuticals, and food processing have begun to increasingly adopt motor technologies, with alternating current (AC) offerings stealing the march over direct current (DC) products.
5912 for the award of electric motor repair service traction alternating current, small rotating machinery alternating current and motoalternatori divided into 3 lots.
It provides the soldiers with 60 Hertz of alternating current and/or direct current at all times.
Magnetek's digital wind power inverters transform variable-frequency alternating current (AC) from wind turbine generators into the steady flow of 60-cycle AC needed to feed the utility power transmission grid.
The conductor is used, among other things, when battery direct current is converted into alternating current in an electric motor.

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