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Bower (1890) viewed the alternation of generations of archegoniates as arising from the adaptation of an initially aquatic organism for the land.
Here, Scott referred to recent discoveries that had shaken a strictly morphological interpretation of the alternation of generations, and that had "dropped as a bombshell" (Bower, 1935; p.
He wrote, "It will be a matter of great morphological as well as physiological interest, to establish beyond the possibility of a doubt that the alternation of generations, which is so remarkable a feature in the life-history of plants, is dependent on a change in the configuration of the idioplasm; a change, the outward and visible sign of which is the difference in the number of the nuclear chromosomes in the two generations.
South and Whittick speculated that this alternation of generations in algae, connecting to land-plant origins, would be heteromorphic (they did not name a specific group of algae).
The total paleobotancial evidence, though, as previously discussed, does not support either theory of alternation of generations conclusively; put another way, the existing evidence could be argued to support both theories more or less equally.
A review of historical and recent opinions concerning alternation of generations in land plants has led to the conclusion that there still has been no clear decision (i.

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