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Therefore, land plants did not evolve from within any of the groups of algae in which extant members exhibit isomorphic alternation of generations.
Remy (1980), for example, argues that stoneworts evolved from an ancestor with isomorphic alternation of generations, but secondarily lost the diploid phase.
Current versions of this hypothesis do not address how an isomorphic alternation of generations was derived from the basically haploid life cycles of charophycean algae.
Celakovsky (1874) introduced a distinction between homologous and antithetic alternation of generations.
He borrowed Celakovsky's terminology and called this antithetic alternation of generations.
The discovery that the alternation of generations in land plants was accompanied by an alternation of chromosome number (Strasburger, 1894) weakened this version of the homologous theory because it accentuated the distinctiveness of gametophytes and sporophytes.

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