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(Option), noun alternate choice, choice, conclusion, decision, determination, discernment, discretion, discrimination, distinction, election, embracement, free selection, judgment, pick, recourse, remaining course, selection, voluntary decision
Associated concepts: alternative conditions


(Substitute), noun change, other choice, replacement, succedaneum, superseder, supplanter
Associated concepts: alternative conditions, alternative connract, alternative covenant, alternative judgment, alternaaive legacy, alternative obligation, alternative plea, alterrative pleading, alternative relief, alternative remedies, alternative writs
See also: call, choice, cover, elective, expedient, loophole, option, plan, replacement, secondary, stopgap, substitute, vicarious

ALTERNATIVE. The one or the other of two things. In contracts a party has frequently the choice to perform one of several things, as, if he is bound to pay one hundred dollars, or to deliver a horse, he has the alternative. Vide Election; Obligation; Alternative.

LEGACY, ALTERNATIVE. One where the testator gives one of two things to the legatee without designating which of them; as, one of my two horses. Vide Election.

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The purpose of the content analysis was to derive meaningful categories of alternative sources of support and the functions provided by these sources.
Healthcare system developers will also find they can connect to this complementary and alternative medicine content from their customers' workflow systems via standard drug code links, or First DataBank proprietary drug identifiers.
The alternative market can offer more flexible, deductible structures than are provided by the standard deductible plan in the traditional market.
The Reagan administration would continue the squeeze on alternative energy as tax credits for residential investment in solar and wind power became "obsolete," as it was deemed to be "the responsibility of the private sector to develop and introduce new solar technologies.
Much remains unknown about the impact of alternative therapies on other mental ailments.
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Studies have shown that they tend to be well educated, not the opposite, and that they embrace alternative modalities not so much because they are dissatisfied with mainstream medicine as because, according to John Astin, PhD, a researcher at the Stanford University School of Medicine, they find non-traditional approaches to healing and wellness "congruent with their own values, beliefs, and [holistic] philosophical orientations toward health and life.
Oxford Health Plans, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, stepped into the alternative medicine arena in 1997, pulling together a network of 2,500 alternative practitioners.
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Those camps that serve meals family style will need to designate a part of the dining room as the alternative food area.
Despite the satisfactory track record, many CPAs continue to doubt alternative work schedules are a viable option for a serious, career-minded professional.

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