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The Eighth International Alternative Medicine Conference will be held at the Frontenac Hilton Hotel in St.
Claudia Witt, Vice-Director of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Department of Charite Medical University.
The center of attention of alternative medicine doctors are two areas: 1: supporting the body's innate healing abilities and 2: cheering patients to make lifestyle changes necessary for the optimum health and well-being.
To say that his degrees are legal is untenable because the health ministry does not recognise any ' alternative medicine' system," Dr Anil Bansal, joint secretary of IMA, said.
Dr Fateha admitted anyone could bring a substance into Bahrain and tout it as alternative medicine.
'They Don't Ask Me So I Don't Tell Them': Patient-Clinician Communication about Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Medicine written by Brian Shelley, 2009.
General resource titles include Researching Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Mosby's Dictionary of Complementary & Alternative Medicine, and Educational Opportunities in Integrative Medicine.
Complementary and alternative medicine includes products such as herbal supplements as well as chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture and meditation.
"Previous studies have shown that close to 60 percent of parents believe that complementary and alternative medicines are helpful.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Sourcebook, Fourth Edition provides updated information for people considering these therapies for general well-being or specific health conditions.
complementary and alternative medicine, said in a statement to KUNA following
Proponents of homeopathy and alternative medicine say the article in the prestigious medical journal lends credence to the efficacy of these therapies.

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