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Realizing that something other than cholinesterase inhibition was affecting the fetus, a team from Duke University led by Theodore Slotkin gradually began to demonstrate that other mechanisms of action of CPF alter prenatal development of the brain and behavior and that the embryo and fetus are sensitive to cholinesterase inhibition at doses that would not be toxic to an adult (Qiao et al.
2002) confirmed the ability of CPF to alter the activity of another nuclear transcription factor in cortical neurons, the [Ca.
More likely possibilities are that inappropriate exposure to estrogenic compounds alters the deposition of extracellular matrix molecules or signaling molecules such as the neurotrophins, which are crucial for the survival and differentiation of neural crest-derived structures (Chao and Hempstead 1995; Farinas 1999; Lewin and Barde 1996).
Scientists seek to understand ethylene because it helps plants alter their growth and development in response to the environment.
While other researchers have studied the anatomic and physiologic abnormalities that interfere with reproduction in exposed animals, Markowski and colleagues suggest that TCDD in the fetal brain also alters sexual motivation as well as copulatory behavior itself.
Indeed, it may well be found that some of the symptoms of clinical syndromes not currently thought to be mediated by calcium channels may arise because defective intracellular signaling alters the function of genetically normal channel subunits.