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cloud on title (cloud)

n. an actual or apparent outstanding claim on the title to real property. "Clouds" can include an old mortgage or deed of trust with no recording showing the secured debt was paid off, a failure to properly transfer all interests in the real property (such as mineral rights) to a former owner, a previous deed which was improperly written or signed, an unresolved legal debt or levy by a creditor or a taxing authority, or some other doubtful link in the chain of title. Often the "cloud" can be removed by a quiet title action, by finding a person to create or execute a document to prove a debt had been paid or corrected. Title companies will refuse to insure title to be transferred with a "cloud," or they will insure ownership except for ("insure around") the "cloud." (See: chain of title, quiet title action, mortgage, deed of trust, reconveyance, title, title report)

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This is what produces the thick, opaque altocumulus and altostratus clouds at 10 to 15,000 feet where temperatures average 0 to -10 degrees F.
In this study, the ANN classifier divided cloud/ surface into seven categories: sea, stratocumulus and altocumulus, mixed cloud, altostratus and nimbostratus, cirrostratus, thick cirrus, and cumulonimbus using 2864 cloud samples manually collected by two experienced meteorologists in June, July, and August in 2007 from three FY-2C channels' (IR1,10.3-11.3 [micro]m; IR2,11.5-12.5 [micro]m; and WV 6.37.6 [micro]m) imagery.
This radar triad at Addu Atoll provided unprecedented observations of the entire tropical cloud population, including precipitating and nonprecipirating shallow cumulus clouds, midlayer altostratus and altocumulus, convective congestus, isolated deep convective clouds, upper-level anvil and cirrus clouds, mesoscale convective systems, and hydrometer types.
Most of the clouds here tend to be stratiform--stratocumulus, altostratus, and cirrostratus.