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inhibit aggressive behavior), people can behave altruistically without feeling empathetic emotions or inclinations.
There might be some altruistically minded persons who would be inclined to remove future pain, no matter who it belongs to; however, there might be others who would simply stop caring about their future conventional selves along with the selves of others.
From A Tale of Two Cities, Sydney Carton's words, as he rode the tumbrel to the guillotine, came to mind on reading the latest statistics on what open borders has done to a Republican Party that altruistically embraced it.
In line with the halo associated with green consumerismC*people act more altruistically after mere exposure to green products," Mazar and Zhong write in their upcoming paper.
This collaborative technology enables people to contribute, altruistically or for deeper personal reasons.
Air Force intelligence officer Lanstrum's altruistically donated kidney went to Valinda Jones, a registered nurse from Woodland Hills.
Another young nurse at Christchurch Hospital has just recently donated her kidney altruistically, meaning she will not know the recipient's identity.
quality systems covering every step of the blood chain, from media campaigns to recruit altruistically driven donors to the monitoring of health outcomes of patients who receive transfusions.
We're already on the property ladder, but altruistically speaking, it's best for everyone to encourage the market like this.
On this view, an individual who behaves altruistically to others sharing its genes will tend to reproduce those genes; the likelihood that the genes will be passed on depends on how closely related the individuals are.
It may be possible to altruistically help a limited number of known individuals without recourse to the market--for example, when help or care is given to family members, to a known, identifiable group, or even to a person in the street in need of assistance.