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ALUMNUS, civil law. A child which one has nursed; a foster child. Dig. 40, 2, 14.

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The alumnae committee in charge of the event is headed by Daisy Villasis-Montesa, chair of Homecoming 2018, and Guillermina Ong, president of CHS HS '68.
Savannah Miner was the sole recipient of the VPH Alumnae bursary for 2015-16, receiving $2,000 to help her with expenses in her final year of her nursing degree.
Eta Nu Sigma Alumnae Chapter will offer educational information from a trichologist, demonstrations from professional hairstylists, bloggers, live music, vendor displays, product details, media exposure, panelist discussions as well as raffle and giveaways.
Many of the alumnae were particularly upset about the murals being painted over, saying that the art teachers had put in a great deal of effort that they believe was disrespected.
AUS students and alumnae form a major part of the lineup of nominees for the Film Festival, which began on October 23.
Alleghany, like many other camps, is blessed with a host of alumnae who would love to spend the entire summer with us.
Mr Chand said the Commission in 2012 had approved the Framework for the formulation of a public service retiree s alumnae.
The distinguished alumnae included Maryam Ali Ficociello, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Mounira Jamjoom, currently working as a senior research specialist at the Ideation Center, Booz & Company's Middle East Think Tank.
The incarcerated alumnae are those women who have spent a minimum of six months in the program, and have successfully made a transition back into general population.
Dubai Women's College Alumnae Association members organized recently "The Big Sisters' Talk" event to share their life experiences with new students and to provide them with realistic advice about how to prepare themselves for successful careers in different fields.
Further, we examined whether alumnae were prepared adequately to confront overt and structural discrimination in the professional workplace afterward.
exclaimed Lilian Kovarik of Riverhead, NY, class of 1948 and Vice President of Alumnae Association.

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