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ALUMNUS, civil law. A child which one has nursed; a foster child. Dig. 40, 2, 14.

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Many alumnae 50 or older wanted better connections to Barnard's resources, such as a larger availability of audit classes, distance auditing on the Internet, video, or audio tapes, a "summer camp" on campus, and midtown lectures and lunches.
This generous outpouring of support from alumnae, parents, and friends will help ensure that we continue to do that.
The track record to date of Springboard portfolio companies has been very impressive and Springboard alumnae are an incredibly talented and experienced pool of women innovators," said Kay Koplovitz, chair of Springboard Enterprises.
A substantial number of Springboard Alumnae (69 percent) are serial entrepreneurs, with 35 percent having three or more entrepreneurial experiences.
The two women were among six who met for a Rockettes alumnae luncheon in Lancaster.
The AADC, established by the first graduating class in 1922, provides critical and ongoing financial, programming and communications support to Douglass College, her students and her alumnae.
Every state and 40 foreign nations are represented by Emmanuel's 12,250 alumnae and 55 nations by the current student body.
Attendance is limited to accredited investors, Springboard alumnae, and sponsors.
Three high school students and a college student have each won a $500 scholarship from the Glendale-Burbank Area group of alumnae of national Panhellenic sororities.
Ryan of the Monterey diocese and Bishop Gerald Wilkerson of the San Fernando Valley Pastoral Region will join friends and alumnae, faculty and students for a blessing of the building and the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
On December 30 prior to the game, UCLA and Fresno alumnae will hold tailgate parties at the Logitech Ice parking lot, located across from Spartan Stadium.

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