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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Mammary histology and alveolar cell differentiation during late gestation and early lactation in mammary tissue of beef and dairy heifers.
Terminal bronchiolar or alveolar cell carcinoma of lung: a case report.
In control animals (a), positively stained cells are infrequent among the alveolar cells. Exposure to the allergen (OVA and alum) increased the number of positively stained cells in the injury group (b), indicating that the cells are actively dividing and proliferating to combat infiltration of the sensitizer into the lung.
After being differentiated into various types of alveolar cells, Oct3/4 decreased gradually and was silenced finally.
In relation to the presence of pluripotent cells, it was verified the co-location of these Oct-4+ cells with those who were on proliferative phase, especially in the epithelial bronchi and bronchioles, and also on alveolar cells of the Groups I and II (Figure 3E).
tuberculosis grown in the presence of oxygen and absence of oxygen to adhere to and invade A549 alveolar cells [7, 8].
The immunoexpression of NOS1, 2, and 3 in lung alveolar cells of urethane-injected mice was higher than that observed in control animals (Figure 6A).
A direct toxic effect has been demonstrated on alveolar cells [14] and naturally, it is strictly related to the aerosolized particles size [15].
Though Ebola virus has been detected in human alveolar cells, as Vincent Racaniello, virologist at Columbia University, explained to me, that doesn't mean it can replicate in the airways enough to allow transmission.
The Scl-34A2 gene encodes a type IIb sodium phosphate cotransporter that is expressed in type II alveolar cells. (12)
The occurrence of various structural changes in the lung tissue induced by 5-FU in our study as emphysema, inflammatory cell infiltration and interstitial fibrosis were nearly similar to what has been reported on the effects of rifampicin and isoniazide on the lung tissue.10,11 There are two types of alveolar cells, type I and type II pneumocytes.
Different clinical findings of Hermansky Pudlak syndrome occur as a result of dysfunction of lysosome-related organels including melanosome, platelet granules and lamellar parts of type 2 alveolar cells. Disruption in melanosomes leads to oculocutenous albinism and visual disorder and dysfunction in platelet granules leads to platelet aggregation disorder and pulmonary fibrosis in alveolar cells.