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4 The purposes of bone grafting to the alveolar cleft are: closure of the oro-nasal fistula arch stabili- zation bone to support the canine eruption improved periodontal status nasal support and to give osseous support for dental implant placement.
Waite, "Canine eruption into grafted bone in maxillary alveolar cleft defects," Cleft Palate Journal, vol.
9) Patients with alveolar clefts had a 20-fold increased risk for canine impaction.
The alar rim, which was initially stretched over a wide alveolar cleft deformity, shows some laxity that enables it to be elevated into a symmetrical and convex form.
Additional objectives of nasoalveolar molding include reduction in the width of the alveolar cleft segments.
R] The upper lip cleft is located at the same region as commonly seen cleft lip and the alveolar cleft lies between the lateral incisor and the canine tooth.
Mandibular bone graft material for reconstruction of alveolar cleft defects: long-term results.
Among the topics are effective cleft lip surgery, growth of the dentofacial complex in the presence of cleft lip and palate, repairing alveolar clefts by bone grafting, cleft speech-assessment and management, genetics and embryogenesis, neural crest cells in development of CL/P, genetic analysis of CL/P at the present and its prospects for the future, the preventive effect of folic acid and other vitamins on congenital anomalies, and methods for dietary surveys aimed to prevent CL/P.