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The alveolar crest level was apical to furcation fornix in order to be included in the study.
In the altered frenulum, the highest frequency was with fixing between the middle third and the apex/inferior alveolar crest (32.
Contour correction of the alveolar crest was performed using a stainless-steel drill, and soft-tissue reduction was also performed.
from line joining most inferior points of borders of bony orbits to line joining inferior margins of images of zygomatic processes divided by point from zygomatic process to alveolar crest in maxillary first molar regions) in dentulous maxilla.
On the mesial surfaces of the second molars in each rat, the following histometric measurements were performed: the distance of the CEJ to the coronal level of epithelial cells (JEc) (attachment loss); the distance of the CEJ to the alveolar bone crest (ABC) (the alveolar crest bone level); the distance of the apical level of epithelial cells (JEa) to the ABC (the CT attachment); and the region of collagen deposited connective tissue in a zone of 0.
A and B were calculated for only the edentulous alveolar crest.
Mean distance between alveolar crest and superior margin of MF was 10.
It is a lesion arising from the alveolar crest in neonates, typically localized on the maxillary crest, particularly in the area of the incisor and canine teeth.
Preservation of AP anatomical integrity aiming at prevention of post-traumatic alveolar crest deformity is an urgent problem in surgical dentistry.
Two months after extraction he noticed facial deformity and swelling at the left side of the mandibular alveolar crest, and was referred to the dentistry clinic.
The typical radiographic appearance is that of a triangular or semicircular radiolucency with the narrow part of the lesion toward the alveolar crest, often with a radiodense border, and located within the alveolar process between the roots of teeth.