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Caption: Figure 1: Chest X-ray on admission: left lower lobe alveolar infiltrate.
Alveolar infiltrates was the most common feature, accounting for 9 (41%) of 22 anomalies observed in the lung by chest radiograph, followed by interstitial pattern (27%) and pleural suffusion (18%).
Ceftriaxone also should be used in those who appear septic, and those who have dense alveolar infiltrate or effusions.
4,10,21,22] Thirty-three percent (6/18) of patients in this series had normal radiographs, a frequency almost as great as the frequency of a reticulonodular or alveolar infiltrate (44%, 8/18), described as the classic finding in generalized TB.
IPH manifests itself as a triad comprising of ferropenic anaemia, haemoptysis associated cough and diffuse bilateral alveolar infiltrates.
Computed tomography (CT) more frequently reveals the disease compared to standard chest x-ray: bilateral interstitial, alveolar, or mixed interstitial and alveolar infiltrates could be seen (Figure 3).
Her chest Xray showed bilateral interstitial and alveolar infiltrates with arterial blood gases (ABG) suggestive of mild acute respiratory distress syndrome.
A CT scan of the chest, done 6 h before re-intubation showed diffuse bilateral alveolar infiltrates and ground-glass opacities with sparing of the basal segments of the lower left lobe.
Radiographic patterns of disease are variable; patchy alveolar infiltrates with small pleural effusions are often described.
The chest X-ray showed bilateral alveolar infiltrates.
Axial computed tomography (CT) scans of the chest demonstrated ground glass haziness with diffuse bilateral alveolar infiltrates with a cavitary mass-like consolidation in the left lung base (Figure-2).
The classic chest radiograph reveals bilateral, diffuse alveolar infiltrates consistent with alveolar flooding.