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showed that VCV mode can provide better alveolar ventilation than PCV mode in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy operations.
alveolar ventilation, functional residual capacity, cardiac output, and blood/gas solubility) also contribute to their elimination kinetics.
10) We recognised the importance of preventing the development of intrinsic (auto) positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) while maximising alveolar ventilation.
Hypoventilation during sleep may be inconsequential in a healthy individual but leads to significant reduction in alveolar ventilation.
R], (3) resulting in variable effects on alveolar ventilation.
Esteban et al 2000) The primary objectives of mechanical ventilation are improvement of alveolar ventilation, decreasing the work of breathing and reversing life threatening hypoxemia or acute respiratory acidosis (Tobin 2001).
Because prone positioning (PP) has been shown to be a safe way to reduce airway pressure and to improve alveolar ventilation, we decided to assess its effect on right ventricular (RV) pressure overload in ARDS patients.
Subsequent chapters detail tests of lung function, alveolar ventilation, pulmonary circulation, ventilation and profusion, oxygen and carbon dioxide transport, acid-base balance and arterial blood-gas interpretation, control of respiration, nonrespiratory function, and special circumstances.
Increases in alveolar volume would be expected to enhance diffusional deposition, the primary mechanism of deposition for UFPs, although impaired alveolar ventilation would counter this increase.
Therefore, the transition from one of these states to another involves a shift in the neural and neuromuscular mechanisms that maintain alveolar ventilation.
The term "noninvasive ventilation" refers to a method of achieving alveolar ventilation without endotracheal intubation or other invasive respiratory techniques, such as tracheotomy (Hill, 1993).