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The amalgam with 3% from zirconium oxide was analyzed separately using x-ray diffraction techniques to determine the existing phases in the amalgam alloy.
Similarly only one kind of bonding agent was used and only high copper amalgam alloy was used, other bonding agents or low copper amalgam alloy may act differently.
Further, since the 30% spherical amalgam alloy additive yielded the most significant improvements in terms of physico-chemical properties in the present study, the potential citotoxic effect of products from corrosion of amalgam particles should be further investigated.
81) In 1987, the FDA labeled the two separate premixed components of dental amalgams, the amalgam alloy and the dental mercury, as Class II and Class I devices, respectively.
Simmons suggested mixing amalgam alloy powders in to the cements and developed this system clinically under the name "Miracle mix".