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Effectiveness of glass-ionomer (ART) and amalgam restorations in the deciduous dentition--results after 3 years.
It is the only dental material known for marginal-sealing capacity due to the corrosion products released from dental amalgam restorations (19,22,28).
0 mm deep amalgam restorations were removed from each root with a 330 carbide bur.
CLINICAL PERFORMANCE OF ART: Survival rates of art restoration were similar or superior to those achieved with amalgam restorations after 6 years [14,15,16, and 17].
Our study aimed at testing the conventional methods, as well as the LF method, for detecting secondary caries lesions around amalgam restorations in primary teeth.
However, due to increasing aesthetic concerns of the military population and public concerns over the safety of amalgam restorations due to the perceived effects of mercury, amalgam restorations may no longer be the consumer or provider restorative material of choice.
Two operative dentistry procedures were chosen for the study; a class I cavity preparation for amalgam restoration on tooth # 46 (permanent first right mandibular molar) and a class II (occluso-mesial) preparation for amalgam restoration on a separate tooth # 46.
Conclusions: The fracture strength in pulpotomized primary molar teeth with amalgam restorations was high, more than maximum bite forces in primary teeth, even in extensive 3-surface cavities.
Amalgam removal--Air abrasion is not an efficient means of removing amalgam restorations, as there is a release of mercury vapors when amalgam is abraded.
The 5-year results of a clinical trial comparing a glass polyalkenoate (ionomer) cement restoration with an amalgam restoration.
Five percent prevalence of using rubber dam during amalgam restoration.
It was found that both the placement of the amalgam restoration without exposure to electrosurgery and exposure of the restoration of a restored tooth to electrosurgery for periods of time less than 0.