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The figure compares composite and amalgam restorations placed by the ADCS versus the US national average.
The prevailing thought is that posterior amalgam restorations should be utilized on this high-risk group.
El-Sherif MH, Halhoul MN, Kamar AA, Hourel-Din A, Fracture strength of premolars with class 2 silver amalgam restorations.
Cusp reinforcement by bonding of amalgam restorations.
Clinical performance and caries inhibition of resin-modified glass ionomer cement and amalgam restorations.
A comparison of glass cermet cement and amalgam restorations in primary molars.
Direct contra naive-indirect comparison of clinical failure rates between high-viscosity GIC and conventional amalgam restorations.
Notably, we observed a constant but quantifiable urinary mercury excretion among children in this study who did not receive amalgam restorations, most likely representing the systemic uptake of mercury from food, air, and other environmental sources.
The first index was surface-years of amalgam (number of amalgam surfaces weighted by number of years present), calculated from the information contained in dental clinic records regarding dates of amalgam placement, the number of tooth surfaces involved in the restoration, the timing of loss of primary teeth containing amalgam restorations, and the like.
Nevertheless, a 1991 American Dental Association survey of 1,000 adults found that 50% thought amalgam restorations might have adverse effects (Gerbert et al.
The investigators used linear regression analyses to estimate whether there was an association between each exposure measure (UHg, total number of amalgam restorations, and number of occlusal amalgam restorations to align the upper and lower jaw) and neuropsychological test scores.
These modifications were made after discussion with the authors of the systematic review of amalgam restorations published simultaneously [Kilpatrick and Neumann, 2007].