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Economies of scale and wider scope would position it for improved profitability, wider product offerings, and adoption of technology and best practices across amalgamating entities for cost efficiency and improved risk management, and financial inclusion through wider reach.
A few amalgamating congregations "merged" their two buildings into one.
AMALGAMATING local authorities does not resolve any problems, or reduce the overspending that occurs.
Current president Liam O'Neill has warned clubs to think carefully before amalgamating with others due to the risks of losing an identity which may be irretrievable.
The second section examines the experience of amalgamating municipalities in Estonia, and analyses the results of earlier research into these amalgamations.
Theorem 2 The generalized free product of two solvable groups amalgamating a cyclic subgroup is residually solvable.
Councillor Paul Thompson, pictured, executive member for education, said: "We want to find ways of amalgamating the schools, closing one and expanding the other site.