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Municipalities were required to initiate their own programs of restructuring or have the province do it for them; for the most part the result has been forced amalgamations among previously independent communities (Downey and Williams 1998).
Similarly, the fact that there is a large or increasing number of appointed officers and officials or that there is a higher proportion of female officials appears unrelated to the democratic character of the union's decisions on amalgamations, enterprise bargaining or recruitment strategies.
The review has been completed and today, I am releasing the Local Government Board report which recommends that the Tasman and Sorell Councils should consider voluntary amalgamation.
A peculiar feature of the Australian experience has been its heavy reliance on structural reform through forced amalgamation, generally accomplished by amalgamating whole entities rather than designing boundaries from 'scratch' on the basis of community homogeneity (Vince, 1997).
Following the retirement earlier this year of long-serving senior solicitor Peter Weir, the NZCO can no longer provide the pre-submission support and vetting of amalgamation documents that many have grown accustomed to, says National Manager Business Registries, Lawrence Wells.
Do you feel that 8.8 17.5 2 10 23 local government amalgamations have benefited Tamworth more than Barraba?
Preference heterogeneity is the main obstacle to voluntary amalgamations, which require the exploitation of economies of scale, and also allocative efficiency (i.e.
The majority of the academic literature that has explored amalgamation has largely examined the consolidation process itself (Sancton 2000; Hamel 2005; O'Brien 1993; Poel 2005; Quesnel 2000; Vojnovic 2000).
Coun Peter Foley, cabinet member for learning, said the Brackla and Pencoed amalgamations had been the most straightforward changes to implement.
Rather our study had the more modest aim of exploring the experience of schools and communities that had already lived through the process of amalgamation. The objective was to record the views of teachers, parents and children, to see what conclusions they had drawn from their experience.
279 of British Columbia's Community Charter mandates the participation of a municipality and its citizens in decisions respecting future amalgamations. Cabinet may not incorporate a new municipality unless a vote is held in each municipality that would be the subject of the order, and in each municipality at least 50% of voters support the reorganization.
The recent amalgamations in Ontario and several other provinces have been extremely controversial.