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AMANUENSIS. One who write another dictates. About the beginning of the sixth century,, the tabellions (q.v.) were known by this name. 1 Sav. Dr. Rom. Moy. Age, n. 16.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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However, he continually avoids and displaces Dulcie's experience, requiring the amanuensis to narrativize Dulcie's life with little to no evidence.
Of course this violation of Juan's employment as an amanuensis doesn't go unnoticed.
One of the themes that occur in West African slave narratives as well as the North American slaves is the problem of the amanuensis. The amanuensis crafts, writes, edits, and publishes the slave narrative.
An amanuensis is one who produces a fair copy, or takes dictation.
Amanuensis is available for purchase online through the author's website, from the publisher,, and other online retailers.
Gilbert Adalr's adaptation of his novel "A Closed Book" pits a blind art critic against his amanuensis in his English castle, but the resulting game of cat-and-mouse will make more noise in ancillary than in this limited theatrical window.
SITKOVETSKY DUO Bromsgrove Festival at Avoncroft Museum Bromsgrove Festival's evening celebrating Delius' sesquicentenary was a charming idea, attracting a large audience to the atmospherically medieval (despite its name) New Guesten Hall for a recital by one of the most spectacular recent prizewinners of the festival's International Young Musician's Platform, and beginning with a screening of Ken Russell's acclaimed television documentary recounting the years the young Eric Fenby devoted himself as amanuensis to the blind, paralysed and dying composer.
Marlowe was a possibility as an amanuensis for a while, although any scholar who has studied the plays of the respective playwrights would know immediately that Marlowe indulged in grandiose themes in mediocre rhyme, compared to Shakespeare.
Moreover, in the same spirit of magnanimity that impelled Lord Rockingham to make Edmund Burke his amanuensis, Nicholas befriended me--then as now, a poor Russian writer--and had me elected to his club.
Murphy should be in charge of it with the wasting asset Brian Wilson his chief amanuensis. This is no time for amateurs.
Theirs was a remarkable but highly-charged marriage during which Sonya became not just the mother of 13 children (the role of endless brood mare imposed by a sexually voracious husband who did not believe in contraception), but also her husband's devoted copyist and amanuensis. Sparks flew when Sonya fiercely protected her husband's valuable literary legacy against perceived predators, which brought her into conflict with Tolstoy's manipulative secretary Vladimir Chertkov, whom Sonya despised.