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With AMASS, a simple Windows NT file system interface can provide transparent access to scores of storage options with capacities that range from 100 GB to more than 100 TB.
We are pleased that this agreement will make AMASS part of those new solutions.
AMASS software tests media on a schedule, tracks read/write error rates, and renews the files by writing them to media.
AMASS presents an automated optical, tape, or DVD library as one device and one mount point, through a standard UNIX file system interface consisting of directories and files.
The company's Norden Systems unit here has delivered subsystems to the Detroit airport authority for the first FSD version of the automated conflict alerting system, which includes AMASS signal and data processing electronics, and an automated radar terminal system interface unit.
4 AMASS release also adds support for newer generation Quantum SDLT and Sony AIT drive technology, IBM 3592 drives, as well as the latest generations of tape library control software -- ADIC's SDLC version 2.
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC), leading supplier of Intelligent Storage(TM) solutions to the open systems market, announced today the availability of a new version of the company's archive software, AMASS for UNIX.
Advanced Digital Information Corporation (Nasdaq:ADIC) announced today the availability of a new release of the company's archive software, AMASS for UNIX.
ADIC's AMASS is the software that ties the whole system together and enables both EOSDIS staff and users to access it effectively.
2 billion credit facility to help fund Patriot's expansion plans, and certain commitments already made, Patriot intended to amass debt at a much higher rate and by the end of 1998, Patriot had amassed over $3.
If we amass a great amount of financial capital, or bandwidth, or rubber bands, someone will find a creative use for it.