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Phili then batted and amassed 215-3, with Nimesh Vimukthi contributing an unbeaten 52.
'This figure is way beyond accusations that the Marcoses amassed ill-gotten wealth believed to be worth from US$5 billion to US$10 billion through dummies and cronies,' he said.
"Suffice it to state that the law and prevailing jurisprudence refer to the time the alleged ill-gotten wealth was amassed - not discovered.
Local media reported, quoting income tax officials, that the raids at his premises had so far pointed to Pillai having amassed Rs4 billion (Dh228 million) worth of wealth, most of it under the business entity named Sreevalsam group.
The filing from AT&T doesn't offer an exact figure as to how many subscribers the service amassed, but does note the report of "more than 200,000" includes only paying subscribers and not those who took advantage of the service's free trial offer.
Over the years, it has amassed tens of thousands of patents, which it has used to sue a number of companies for infringement, including Motorola and Bank of America.
Eliades amassed e1/438.93 million in 2011 from e1/41.8 million in 2005, while SFS group held e1/480.68 in debt with the bank in 2011, from e1/448.87 in 2006.
According to the inquiry report of the vigilance department, the three former ministers together amassed wealth to the tune of over ` 1,000 crore but they failed to provide documents in support of such huge amount of assets.
Attock batted first against Waulah and amassed 141-5, with Umar Butt scoring 32 and Muhammed Umar 27.
The Merseysideborn Radio 1 presenter, who died in 2004, amassed a colossal treasure trove of vinyl during his four decades as a champion of new music.
It concluded that Wagle and his family illegally amassed Rs 34.3 million in total and invested that in housing and land, garage and guard house, furniture, electronic equipment, house decoration, vehicles, bank balances and shares.
Summary: OSH, Kyrgyzstan, June 14, 2010, SPA -- Thousands of Uzbeks fleeing southern Kyrgyzstan amassed at the border Monday, as the deadliest ethnic violence in decades left entire city blocks burned to the ground and scores of people dead.