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Michael Constructions ended up amassing some e1/410.
A South Korean pop singer's latest music video Gangnam Style has become a viral hit after amassing 20 million views on Youtube.
I have been wrongly accused of illegally amassing money which actually my son and daughter-in-law earned.
Mr Roy, of Bournemouth, died aged 76 after amassing the collection from sacks of used envelopes sent to him from around the world.
Now Kersian sorcerers are seizing human-ruled kingdoms one by one, amassing a human army to exterminate their foes once and for all.
In four days of flying, the Tophatters were able to simulate air-to-ground attacks and complete 45 sorties, amassing 110 flight hours with no sorties missed.
Chiefs lost the penalty minute counter, amassing 86 minutes to Billingham's 18.
Ivan Brunetti is a most disturbed individual, the kind of guy on which the FBI is in the process of amassing a large file of data.
SOME CEOS FEEL the press flock to bad company news like crows amassing for a funeral.
He arrived at this conclusion not by amassing statistical evidence but rather through qualitative research.
The growth of e-commerce has helped data mining catch on because web-based companies are amassing huge amounts of data on their customers.