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From the fabrications, rationalizations, altered memories, and exaggerations of the characters, she strives to capture a truth more authentic than a mere amassment of data could convey.
Kiyosaki's amassment of wealth will not repair that seemingly large chip on his shoulder.
Yet, as Lewis follows Clark across oceans and into boardrooms, chronicling his amazing amassment of treasure, it becomes clear that he is propelled by more inchoate energies.
In addition, beverages containing over 13 percent of ethyl alcohol cannot be sold in places of people's amassment, from stands and vehicles.
It starts by sticking in the throat of a no one (not-yet-a-subject), deprives that no one of a uniform amassment by refusing resolutely to go all the way down, and this must mean that there is in me, from before the beginning, something I cannot and must not call "self," something that's in fact much more than myself and that by the excess of its unintegrated tenacity signifies the paradox of an originary loss.
Holding forth on the "Jew's lack of love for his fellow Jew" - the "laws of evil speech" - and his "three-thousand year of amassment of mirrored fragments," Smiles-burger proposes that Roth volunteer for the intelligence operation named Operation Shylock.
In the meantime, what Demsey and Prather have given us is an affectionate chronicling of Wilder's peripatetic career, spent partly on Broadway, partly in Hollywood, on dozens of music school campuses, and in the literary-artistic circles of the Algonquin; even more important is their abundant amassment of the raw data of his creative life.