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"In Barcelona we played with our hearts on our sleeves and did the best we possibly could with the limited funding we had, but compared to now it was completely amateurish.
"It was a very botched attempt at robbery but he acknowledges, however amateurish, it would have caused fear and concern to those in the shop."
A THUG who tried to rob his old bosses has been jailed after he bungled the "amateurish" raid.
By modern standards, the espionage was amateurish and of questionable value.
Silent, blank, surrounded by amateurish wooden boarding and often strewn with rubbish.
am*a*teur*ish \,am-[schwa]-'t[schwa]r-ish, -'ch[schwa]r-adjective <an amateurish actor>
I am delighted to see that Bahrain's taxis will be issued new meters (GDN, July 30), but I am disappointed to see that no date has been mentioned for the project - was this an omission or is this an amateurish attempt to pander to the growing resentment relating to the local taxis?
Phew started her musical career in short-lived punk band Aunt Sally, whose energetic, charmingly amateurish debut now fetches hundreds of dollars.
BERNARD Hopkins has vowed to make Joe Calzaghe look "amateurish" in their big Las Vegas light-heavyweight fight on April 19 - and says the Welshman's phenomenal workrate will play right into his hands.
The letter was unsigned, although the amateurish and nonsensical content gives me an inspired guess as to the identity of the author.
Cheeky, desperately amateurish, but somehow compelling (or so we like to think), it said something that needed to be said, and still does: that the corporations have already taken over and they're only getting started.' In this special edition, Corporate Watch re-lives the past ten years of keeping companies in check.
But there is little evidence of such a company besides its own, amateurish website.

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