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He said: "I find the proposals amateurish, unrealistic and lacking any clear strategic purpose.
The latest odyssey of Indiana Jones in Macedonia in search of Alexander the Great's tomb has little chances to excite the world public because, from far away, one can see that it is too amateurish.
Jake Johnson, the shambolic, fumbling flatmate from TV's New Girl, plays a shambolic, fumbling journalist in a wilfully amateurish lo-fi 'Mumblecore' flick featuring a cast of pasty-faced bedheads which strives for realism by utilising overlapping dialogue.
In Barcelona we played with our hearts on our sleeves and did the best we possibly could with the limited funding we had, but compared to now it was completely amateurish.
This was a crudely-executed, perhaps not frivolous but rather amateurish, attempt to obtain money from Mr Ecclestone," the Sun quoted prosecutor Philip Lemoine as telling the court.
The defendant made absolutely nothing from this very amateurish attempt.
Sheriff Jack McGowan told Dundas: "It has been mentioned that this was an amateurish attempt at a robbery - but you did your best.
Silent, blank, surrounded by amateurish wooden boarding and often strewn with rubbish.
I am delighted to see that Bahrain's taxis will be issued new meters (GDN, July 30), but I am disappointed to see that no date has been mentioned for the project - was this an omission or is this an amateurish attempt to pander to the growing resentment relating to the local taxis?
Phew started her musical career in short-lived punk band Aunt Sally, whose energetic, charmingly amateurish debut now fetches hundreds of dollars.
Mrs Chauhan's son Girish, 41, said: "It was amateurish.
Hopkins said: "Don't be surprised when I make it look easy and I make him look amateurish, but only after I've given him punishment.

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