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Every crime is really amateurish when it is caught out JUDGE JOHN LINDSAY CLOVERHILL COURT
AMATEURISH ATTEMPT: The court was told Steven Rice, right, was knocked out.
Bergdahl writes in a very conservational tone--sometimes too much so, with missing punctuation and amateurish turns of phrase.
Though technically amateurish, Chasing Chinese is passionate and sincere.
At best it can be described only as amateurish,'' he said.
SLEEPAWAY CAMP (1983): What seems at first glance to be a laughably amateurish Friday the 13th rip-off is, upon closer viewing, a laughably amateurish Friday the 13th tip-off with exceptionally nasty dialogue, dozens of teenage dudes cavorting in (and out of) dolphin shorts, and a transgender-psychosexual twist that's just plain nauseating.
If the program comes anywhere near its goal of 100 million informants, it "would dwarf the citizen informer programs of the most repressive totalitarian states, making them appear amateurish by comparison," points out the Globe.
Clare Polack, initially tried to paint the DNR on her grandmother with henna, but said it looked amateurish and was not permanent.
It was like sitting on a stoop watching a neighborhood group go through their routines, which were amateurish and underrehearsed.
A recent press release from a corporate textile company (translation: they make ties) informs us that "business casual has become synonymous with disorganized, distracting and amateurish," while "suits and ties project an image of credibility, stability and professionalism.
Despite the impressive credentials of the three co-authors, however, the tone of their writing tends to be somewhat amateurish, and the scope of their literary criticism is far broader than it is deep; indeed, they seem throughout to be working just a little too hard to prove their thesis in order to distinguish their own efforts from those of others who have catalogued and analyzed King's writings before them.
Among the dreary wastelands of pompous, boring, prolix, trite, self-satisfied, overblown, amateurish and downright ridiculous architectural sites, the Architecture Hate Page stands Out as being fun (well quite).

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