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The 9th Circuit acknowledged that the NCAA's ancillary restraint (enforcing the amateur status of student athletes) directly served the joint venture's core value of amateurism," Chefitz said.
Other agreements, like the amateurism restraints, (54) are less easy to justify.
The NCAA's principle of amateurism, as drafted and approved by its membership, states that "student-athletes shall be amateurs in intercollegiate sport, and their participation shall be motivated by education and by the physical, mental and social benefits to be derived.
41) The Agnew court rightfully conceded that eligibility rules fall within the procompetitive presumption--the term was explicitly mentioned by the Board of Regents Court--but the Seventh Circuit narrowly defined the term "eligibility" under the impression that the Supreme Court did not intend to protect all eligibility bylaws, rather only those that relate directly to the preservation of amateurism or other elements key to the NCAA's survival.
This seems to have democratized sport in the armed forces, though the spirit of amateurism remained paramount.
And what we've done - because they're all separate events which happened over two or three years and all over the place - ismake it about one town, one rugby club and we've kept the one real figure, Rev Frank Marshall who was a passionate advocate of amateurism, and the story centres around a young Welsh player who is the Gavin Hensenmeets-Beckham of his day.
Farias surmised it was easier to sack him than address the amateurism.
It was rank amateurism to screen such a strikingly unfunny stream of juvenile prejudice.
The amateurism that the author glorifies was in fact a root cause of the campaign debacle that culminated with the "miracle" of Dunkirk.
Amateurism is at the center of any challenge to the NCAA on behalf of players.
The recent resolution of the Andrew Oliver case may mark the death throes of the NCAA's no-agent rule, prohibiting college athletes from retaining agents in professional contract negotiations, and perhaps the traditional paradigm of amateurism in sport.
Amateurism may be the best thing that has happened to the field, he says.