amazing thing

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She was the most amazing thing he had ever known, or dreamed, or guessed.
If some amazing thing takes place before his very eyes.
But the rabbit people were, after all, the most amazing things Dorothy saw.
Wooden birds fluttered among the trees and wooden cows were browsing upon the wooden grass; but the most amazing things of all were the wooden people--the creatures known as Gargoyles.
There is the tantalising possibility of a cure with immuno-therapy and that's an amazing thing to say.
The most amazing thing of all the amazing things about Arsene Wenger is that he has spent less on players than the club has received in transfer fees for those he has sold.
The amazing thing is, after a particular evening deep in prayer I woke up the next morning thinking about a church that I had been to one time.
The amazing thing is that auditors are not enforcing any control mechanism for their client companies.
About halfway through the story, an amazing thing happens: Jack meets another boy who is his mirror image.
It was an amazing thing to watch, through all the tragedy, the way people helped each other.
Really the most amazing thing was that as soon as the program was implemented the kids became attached to their laptops," says Eisenberg.
One other amazing thing is that the majority of women entrepreneurs start their business with less than $10,000, some even with only $5,000.