amazing thing

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She was the most amazing thing he had ever known, or dreamed, or guessed.
And the amazing thing, under the circumstances, was the quickness with which I healed.
Then happened the amazing thing. The whirling, blurring mix-up ceased suddenly.
If some amazing thing takes place before his very eyes.
He took it in great confusion (it was soft and passive) and heard at the same time a condescending murmur in which he caught only the words "Satisfactory" and "Persevere." But the most amazing thing of all was to feel suddenly a distinct pressure of the white shapely hand just before it was withdrawn: a light pressure like a secret sign.
It had hardly died away when an amazing thing happened.
But the rabbit people were, after all, the most amazing things Dorothy saw.
Lady Carey, although she is such a brilliant woman, says and does the most insolent, the most amazing things, and the Prince of Saxe Leinitzer goes everywhere in Europe by the name of the Royal libertine.
Wooden birds fluttered among the trees and wooden cows were browsing upon the wooden grass; but the most amazing things of all were the wooden people--the creatures known as Gargoyles.
In the last century more amazing things were found out than in any century before.
The amazing thing was it was the same carp his friend had hooked while David was perched up the same tree two months earlier.
Mark Jepp, regional manager for Showboat said: "The amazing thing is he's so lucky, I think he wins more than he spends every time he turns up."