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Turning their attention to the auditor-general's 2015 report, Kasoulides said the ministry's attitude is to comply with the audit service's recommendations, and pointed out that since 2013 the ministry has cut its office-leasing budget by more than a quarter, overseas staff payroll 11 per cent, ambassadorial residence expenses by 19 per cent, and rent allowances by 23 per cent.
Garden works at a new ambassadorial residence in Jakarta cost [euro]8,348 while an additional [euro]7,214 was spent under the heading of drapes and curtains.
Protesters smashed the large stone lion and unicorn on the gates at the elegant ambassadorial residence.
The move comes almost four years since protesters ransacked the British ambassadorial residence in Tehran and burned the Union flag.
According to Retno, the Indonesian government advised the Saudi government on March 26 of the longitude and latitude of its premises in Sana'a - the embassy and the ambassadorial residence.
The house famously did the interiors for the Ottoman salon in the French ambassadorial residence in Beirut, the Residence des Pins.
The estate agent dealing with the property met Saif at a function at the ambassadorial residence and reportedly told the Ottawa Citizen that he seemed like a very nice gentleman .
On leaving the building, the taxi drives past Fretton's original site, which is still occupied by Eric Bedford's palatial ambassadorial residence.
The party at Villa Wolkonsky, the grand ambassadorial residence, was attended by 850 guests including Italian food writers, food suppliers, importers and distributors.
Guests arrived in a fleet of limousines and stepped on to a purple carpet across the pavement outside the 24-bedroom former ambassadorial residence, which is opposite BBC Radio One's offices in Portland Place.
Japanese Ambassador to Peru Takashi Kiya has moved into a new ambassadorial residence in Lima, about three years after a hostage crisis ended at the now-demolished old residence, Japanese diplomatic sources said Friday.
It's just 400 yards from the now empty British ambassadorial residence.

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