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The residential premises and office of Raj Singh Gehlot, Managing Director Ambience Group at New Delhi were searched.
Talking to reporter, Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (PAK-EPA) Deputy Director Labs Dr Mohsina Zubair said the dust-thunderstorms pollute the ambience with increased ratio of pollutants that settle down with the consequent rainfall.
Setting the stage will be a sensuous ambience enhanced by special touches."
The major work of ambience light is to help you move from one place to another.
While regulars will be treated to an enhanced experience, one that is designed to turn the weekend into a fun fiesta, new guests are certain to warm up to the homely feel of the Mokha Cafe that has, at its core, a distinct family mood - with an ambience complementing the festive vibes.
"In libraries ambience is such that one wanted to read and gain knowledge." He said the staff in libraries should create a welcoming and intellectually stimulating ambience for the readers.
Another of the Ritz-Carlton's traditional Ramadan offerings is the iftar or suhour, which is held in the relaxing ambience of the Al-Orjouan Restaurant, featuring an abundance of Ramadan specialties.
Volvo Car Corporation, a Sweden-based automaker, is launching its S90 Ambience Concept vehicle at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show.
Summary: Ambience notes connectivity as prime factor contributing to the development of satellite cities
Frankfurt Airport's Departures Hall B at the heart of Terminal 1 has received a complete facelift Airport operator Fraport said the area is now a "green oasis" which creates a better ambience for travellers.
The ambience of India is just magical, truly incomparable to any other country.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 2 September 2017: The Experience [El Tagroba] -- Art Ambience is a new concept adapted by Breaking Walls Festival that will be introduced from September 8 to September 16.