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Continue collection of outdoor PM samples to be used in toxicological studies of fine and ultrafine ambient particles.
Although a clear dose response could not be established, the highest levels of particulate matter mass, nitrate, and organic carbon were measured in the ambient air during the 2 weeks when the increases were greatest.
id=nexus_6_blue_32gb) Google Play Store page of Google Nexus 6 , you can see more information about Ambient Display for Nexus 6.
Formerly influence of white ambient light over colour luminance contrast was analysed [1], but it is none the less important to explore influence of chromatic ambient light.
For cold weather, the EcoDry system has built-in freeze protection that monitors ambient and return water temperatures.
In this study, we used data collected in our study of older adults living in Steubenville, Ohio, to examine the impact of season, home ventilation, and particle composition on associations between ambient concentrations and corresponding personal exposures to both [PM.
Although the measurement of property decay at elevated temperatures and subsequent extrapolation using an Arrhenius fit has been used to predict property retention at ambient temperatures, it is generally not satisfactory (ref.
The Los Angeles-based sound-art and activist collective Ultra-red, while indebted to the ambient tradition, are political interventionists whose engagement with charged sites and subjects is anything but ignorable.