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especially bushii and hirsutella), Gymnopogon ambiguus, Muhlenbergia capillaris and Scleria spp.
The phylogenetically younger ventral vagal complex originates in the nucleus ambiguus and is a fast-acting myelinated vagus that functions as an active vagal brake.
nec luctata diu; superest nam plurimus illi invita virtute decor, fallitque tuentes ambiguus tenuique latens discrimine sexus.
On the other hand the corticobulbar tract (CBT) is commonly used to describe the pathway taken by motor fibers innervatiog the cranial nerve nuclei, especially trigeminal, facial, hypoglossal motor nuclei, nucleus ambiguus, and spinal accessory nucleus.
5] impairs HRV by decreasing the excitability of the cardiac vagal neurons in the nucleus ambiguus.
Porges' polyvagal theory (5,6) posits that the myelinated vagus, originating in the nucleus ambiguus, is a dynamic contributor to the processes of attention, motion, emotion, and social interactions.
Nine species were shared between natural and restored sites, including the halophilic species Pardosa purbeckensis and Silometopus ambiguus.
Experimental studies on lead accumulation in the eel-specific endoparasites Anguillicola crassus (Nematoda) and Paratenuisentis ambiguus (Acanthocephala) as compared with their host, Anguilla angulata.
Coleoptera Carabidae Chlaenius emarginatus Coleoptera Carabidae Cyclotrachelus conviva Coleoptera Carabidae Cyclotrachelus freilagi Coleoptera Carabidae Cyclotrachelus fucatus Coleoptera Carabidae Cyclotrachelus Sigillata Coleoptera Carabidae Cyclotrachelus sodalis Coleoptera Carabidae Dicaelus ambiguus Coleoptera Carabidae Dicaelus dilatatus Coleoptera Carabidae Dicaelus politus Coleoptera Carabidae Dicaelus teter Coleoptera Carabidae Galerita bicolor Coleoptera Carabidae Galerita sp.