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We never agree on any single point.) What would the world do without ambitious people, I should like to know?
The stream in struggling onward turns the mill-wheel; the coral insect, fashioning its tiny cell, joins continents to one another; and the ambitious man, building a pedestal for himself, leaves a monument to posterity.
And there, in the focus of a million pairs of convergent eyes, the Ambitious Person sat him down between the sun and moon and murmured sadly to his own soul:
"Well, if you are not ambitious, you are--" He paused.
Reason, on the contrary, assures us, that as in so great a number a fit representative would be most likely to be found, so the choice would be less likely to be diverted from him by the intrigues of the ambitious or the ambitious or the bribes of the rich.
"And any boy who is born in America may look forward to the same things," said our ambitious friend Charley.
The three-year-old grew too ambitious in his fierceness.
To presume a want of motives for such contests as an argument against their existence, would be to forget that men are ambitious, vindictive, and rapacious.
For its inception was yours, and in your more ambitious days you thought to write the tale of the little white bird yourself.
If you are ambitious, it is the surest of all stepping stones into the House.
If you are ambitious - give your ambitions into my keeping, and I will gratify them.
Before the week was over, all the ambitious mothers were sending their children to the afternoon dancing class.