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We need to think more ambitiously about what we can achieve and where our partnership will go over the rest of the 21st century," Hormats said.
Zellweger is ambitiously glam city executive Lucy Hill, hired by her bosses back in Miami to spearhead the restructuring of a tiny Minnesotan town's ailing food plant.
It's right to think ambitiously, as Liverpool did, to get the Capital of Culture and thinking ambitiously to have the first major Gustav Klimt exhibition and other major activities.
More ambitiously, he defends the German philosopher's dialectical philosophy as a means of articulating a concept of life that eludes both biological reductionism and the hypo-stasization of life as a process that requires the dissolution of the human subject.
Every pound raised in sponsorship goes directly to the scientists, doctors and nurses who work ambitiously to find new treatments for cancer.
At Tate Modern, the work of Albers and Moholy-Nagy is displayed to magnificent effect; at the RIBA, an excellent photographic exhibition of Czech Modernism has reminded us just how advanced that country was in terms of architecture, design and industrial innovation in the first three decades of the twentieth century; and most ambitiously, the Victoria & Albert Museum is currently staging a highly successful show called simply 'Modernism'.
BE GOOD: Whatever quibbles I may have with particular choices, kudos to the academy for overwhelmingly opting for thoughtful, daring, modestly scaled but ambitiously themed productions over bloated commercial efforts, sentimental manipulators and razzle-dazzle entertainments.
Meanwhile, the WTO agreed this sector would be "addressed ambitiously, expeditiously, and specifically, within the agriculture negotiations", being prioritised within the talks.
Got off the mark for the season last time at Chester, having been ambitiously campaigned prior to that.
By contrast, the new, ambitiously scaled Deep, was a piece in search of a point.
Joining her on stage is Vinnie Jones and perhaps more ambitiously, Judy Garland.
Michael Vaughan refused to be intimidated by the situation and attempted to be positive, getting off the mark in the next over by clipping Chris Drum down to third man for two before ambitiously hooking for six.