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As with many collections based on conference papers, the quality, scope, and ambitiousness of the contributions are uneven, and some would have benefited from stringent refereeing and editing.
This relationship is based on reliance, cognizance and common ambitiousness for peace and economic prosperity.
The 74-year-old former head of Cardiff University's School of Architecture said this acts as a drag on the ambitiousness of domestic Welsh architecture.
The social ambitiousness of the 'Jack' can be traced back, in part, to its origin in the name 'Yaakov', a name that came to mean 'he who supplants or deceives'.
To be sure, the ambitiousness of the Smart Defense initiative is novel, but the concepts of resource pooling, capabilities sharing, and niche specialization have been around for several years.
It is usually observed the today's youth is more ambitious than ever therefore over ambitiousness leads to depressions and later on becoming suicidal.
Doris Kern Goodwin's book, Team of Rivals, makes evident the enormous political ambitiousness of Chase's competitors: William Seward, Edward Bates, and Abraham Lincoln himself.
Fatema Jawad further stated, plagiarize due to laziness, pressure to publish, ambitiousness and inability to write especially not having a command on the English language.
The second is ambitiousness of the intended strategy.
More masculine cultures value competitiveness, assertiveness, ambitiousness, accumulation of material goods and wealth.
Overall, females were found to put more weight than men on socioeconomic status, ambitiousness, character (honesty, sincerity) and intelligence of men, as predicted.
Men desire a mate who is younger and physically attractive, with the skills of a homemaker, whereas women place greater value on a partner's earning potential, status and ambitiousness.