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24 ( ANI ): A new study has found that if a couple feel ambivalent towards their partner they are at an elevated heart disease risk.
Her evolving insights about her family heritage, her place in the world within and apart from this legacy, and its effects on her life choices are the driving force behind The Ambivalent Memoirist:
Ambivalent won a Listed race at Newbury last August.
So these recent statements on the Shanghai cooperation and on the Halki school are nothing but expressions of ambivalent desires.
Her siblings include a 14-furlong winner and a successful hurdler, so there is evidently plenty of stamina in the pedigree and Ambivalent could be something of a surprise package.
According to the pLMUP measure, 20% of women were planning for pregnancy, 44% were ambivalent toward pregnancy and 36% were not planning for pregnancy.
Among respondents who experience a very high level of SoL, 99% have a strong awareness of a goal in life and 1% have an ambivalent attitude.
Wall Street is ambivalent to slightly positive about the changes, and critics everywhere are coming out of the woodwork with their prescription for what ails the domestic car makers.
In his ambivalent ruling, Judge Laramee left both sides of the "right"--to-die debate in confusion.
Packer, who started out an aggressive pro-war liberal himself, ends with a deeply ambivalent answer.
Katie must learn to deal with these reconstructed memories of her father, her anger at her mother, her ambivalent feelings for her new stepfather, and the decision about having sex with her boyfriend.
With his latest effort, he continues confronting the illogical and sometimes ethically ambivalent assumptions that impede our ability to attain individuality within a larger community.