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Mr Ambler confirms that the venture to date has exceeded the business' hopes.
Ambler, whose previous offending went back as far as 1990, pleaded guilty to burglary and an attempted burglary.
Ambler develops and produces composite materials that create strictly specified buoyancy and insulation properties in applications used primarily in deep-sea environments.
Ambler Technologies reported net sales of approximately SEK50m with good profitability in 2012.
Ambler adds that the patented process used to create RapiMed tablets makes them melt in the mouth much faster than competing products, and that along with what he describes as a far superior flavor profile makes them much easier to administer to small children.
Amble said the writer of the winning blog on The Ambler will win a USD1,500 travel voucher, valid throughout 2012, on the airline of the winner's choice.
Fielding took the fight to Ambler, who barely threw a shot in the opening two rounds, relying on a bizarre defence of leaning back as far as he could on the ring ropes - not so much rope-a-dope, more just dope.
Evans, who spent time sparring with Nathan Cleverly in Newport last week, had been set to meet Ambler at super-middleweight on May 7.
STOURBRIDGE'S Sam Horton had to beat the count to win the British Masters super-middleweight title at the Birmingham Holiday Inn against tough Welshman Jamie Ambler.
More than a decade later, copywriters for Black Lizard paperback reprints of ten other Ambler texts, all published in the Vintage Crime series, (1) hedged their bet with a boilerplate caption averring that he "is often said to have invented the modern suspense novel" and thereby "paved the way for [.
Davies is matched with Jamie Ambler from Wales at Wolverhampton Civic Hall tomorrow - and the unbeaten 24 year-old knows who to ask for advice going into the four-round clash.
that the avalanche of foreclosures and civil cases are really bringing the system to a grinding halt," Ambler said.