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Schiff is a New York City-based photographer known for her images of landscape ar chitecture, gardens, and travel destinations that have been described in The New York Times as "an ambrosial paean to public and private spaces."
We'd make pans of aligot, that ambrosial blend of mashed potato, garlic and fresh curd cheese, which becomes superelastic and fluffy as clouds all at the same time - beautiful with a steak or tasty local sausages.
The villagers and priest thought that the sacrifice of the young prince and princess gave birth to this orchid and its ambrosial nectar.
Having spent more than a decade in the hospitality industry, Shishir possesses extensive culinary knowledge that adds an ambrosial touch to the guests dining experience.
But theirs are crocodile tears for they have set the standard for what a modern woman should be.She should be dressed in designer clothes, shod in high heels, adorned in expensive artificial coloured weaves and fake nails and eyelashes, decked out in ambrosial perfume and suggestive lip rouge and ornamented with glittering gold bracelets and necklace and diamond rings.
The footnotes are ambrosial. Ninety-nine glimpses may be a dozen or two more impressions than the princess deserves, but Brown can't help it: He's mad about the Ma'am.
(33.) In figuring the Gospel message as an "immortal food" that could be turned to poison, Williams may have in mind Milton's distinction between the trees of Heaven that bear "ambrosial fruitage" and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that brings about death.
Perhaps her living in America for a time may be likened to an episode in an odyssey of sorts, a journey that brought her to the Land of the Lotus-eaters, where she partook of an ensorcelled ambrosial flower which caused her to lose her memories.
Ever since the world's most celestially beautiful duo uncoupled 18 months ago, amid allegations of his drug-taking and her disregard for their children's privacy, there has been speculation as to who might supplant the ambrosial Angelina Jolie in Brad Pitt's affections.
The Valley has enormous tourist potential due to its scenic beauty, climatic conditions, culture, ambrosial cuisine and adventurous sports.
In Book 18, Athena similarly makes Penelope into the ideally attractive woman, giving her "ambrosial gifts [dora], so that the Achaean men would admire her" (18.191).
(22) "Beloved Walt Whitman: An Ambrosial Night with His Devoted Friends and Admirers," The Globe [New York] (26 October 1890).