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Movable; revocable; subject to change; capable of alteration.

An ambulatory court was the former name of the Court of King's Bench in England. It would convene wherever the king who presided over it could be found, moving its location as the king moved.

An ambulatory disposition is a judgment, decree, or sentence that is subject to change, amendment, or revocation.

A will is considered ambulatory because as long as the person who made it lives, it can always be changed or revoked.

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revocable for the time being.
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But we have a lot of people depending on nano enterprises such as ambulant vending for a living.
Ochoa, however, said they still deployed additional traffic patrols, toll tellers, and ambulant tellers.
British team captain Dave Henson, who won gold in the 200m men's ambulant IT2 and celebrated with Prince Harry, said: "The guys this morning were so nervous.
Like in most countries worldwide, unlicensed economic activity such as selling of fruits by ambulant vendors abound in the Kingdom.
Seule, avec ses enfants ou amis, ses photos en noir et blanc abEmees ont toutes ete prises par un photographe ambulant dont elle n'a pas oublie les traits.
Manila: As millions of Filipinos remember their departed, cemeteries and memorial parks across the country spring to life with commerce as ambulant vendors and temporary stalls try to cash-in on the long-weekend bonanza.
Ambiwlans (ambulance) is derived from the French hospital ambulant "mobile (horse drawn) field hospital", which is itself derived from the Latin ambulant, "walking".
For people who are disabled are still vibrant members of the public who just, as much as ambulant people, love to go out clubbing and going to pubs and to watch various sporting extravaganzas held at marvellous venues like the Millennium Stadium and Cardiff City Stadium.
Tickets cost from pounds 7 for juniors, pounds 10 for seniors, students or ambulant disabled and pounds 15 for adults, and will be available online from www.wrexhamafc.
With limited space, and no provision for wheelchair or ambulant disabled access, a serious upgrade was required.
Mel Bird, ticket manager at Birmingham, said: "We have six sections for disabled home fans and two for away fans, located in the ambulant area."