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(23) Combined, bilateral (cemented and uncemented prostheses) (2008) 6 patients (14 to 16 years of age) 5 patients were wheelchair dependent before the surgery Follow-up: 17.3 years 4/6 patients unlimited community ambulators, 1/6 limited community ambulator, 1/6 household ambulator Revision: 5 hips (3 patients) TKA Heyse et al.
With regard to functional status, the mean age was 80.3 [+ or -] 10.6 and the majority of patients were either community (290, 71.1%) or household (91, 22.3%) ambulators. Table 3 summarizes these results in more detail.
Based on the classification system by Perry et al (1995), this change in gait speed would have shifted this group from the 'least-limited' to the 'independent' community ambulator category.
Ambulator Footwear, Lynco Biomechanical Orthotic Systems,
Independent Independent May be household or limited community ambulator with crutches and orthoses L3-L5 May be community Independent Independent ambulator with proper equipment and training.
Spitalul Clinic de Psihiatrie, ChiDinau dispune de o subdiviziune separata--Serviciul de expertiza psihiatrico-legala (SEPL), in cadrul caruia sunt efectuate toate tipurile de expertiza psihiatrico-legala, avand capacitatea de a oferi servicii in conditii de ambulator si stationar, cat pentru expertizatii privati de libertate, atat si pentru examinarea persoanelor anchetate in conditii de libertate, din toate zonele tarii.
The GTX Corp miniaturised two way GPS tracking devices are embedded in the Aetrex Ambulator collection bringing a reliable solution for monitoring the location of seniors in the US afflicted with Alzheimer's disease or dementia.
The predictors of mortality were advanced age, male gender, high American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) classification, the presence of a major postoperative complication, a history of cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, a history of congestive heart failure, ambulating with an assistive device, or being a household ambulator prior to hip fracture.
Agnes Healthcare, Baltimore, Maryland, a407-bedintegratedhealthcare delivery system: Once the resident is properly placed in the gait harness, he or she can be transferred into the ambulator for mobility-enhancing activities.
It demonstrates a clear relationship between balance confidence and levels of physical activity and highlights the importance of not leaping to the conclusion that someone who has not fallen in the previous several months is a successful ambulator and not necessarily at risk of falling.
Structura EPL in functie de complexitate (%) EPL simple ambulator 63% Stanionar 36.95% 50.30% ambulator 64.90% Stanionar 34.70% 49.50% Note: Table made from bar graph.
The current data supports that, in the presence of a displaced acetabular fracture in an elderly pre-injury ambulator, ORIF is an excellent treatment option when using a single anterior or posterior approach; it provides adequate fixation for early weight bearing and restoration of the bone stock.